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Are you in need of professional English – Brazilian Portuguese translation services?

I can help!

Here are the five steps I take to ensure a high quality translation:

1. I read it.
2. I reflect over it.
3. I translate it.
4. I revise it.
5. I proofread it.
And then I deliver it straight to your inbox!


Are you looking for an expert to look over your texts and check for no mistakes?

A editing/revision job consists of checking the source and the target texts to make sure that the translation is accurate and that there are no mistranslations. Any errors will be fixed, but no preferential changes will be made.

A translation reviewed by a second translator will usually be better, at least by a small margin, than an unrevised translation. Before accepting any editing work, I need to check the translation (source and target documents are needed); I reserve the right to refuse any editing work if the translation is not already a good one.


Are you seeking a professional proofreader to polish up your texts?

When I proofread your text, I will make sure your text is free of:
• Grammatical errors
• Punctuation errors
• Spelling Errors

And I will not send it back to you until it is 100% perfect.
Please note: before accepting any proofreading work, Ineed to check the target document; I reserve the right to refuse any proofreading work if the text is not already well written.


Are you longing for website localization?

I can help!
Localizing a website is much more than simplytranslating it. When I localize your website, I also adapt the texts to a different culture context, while making sure it is clear, understandable and free of any cultural discrimination.
As a former IT professional,I can assure you that the structure of your files will remain untouched so you can import them back into your website tool.


Are you looking to subtitle your IT video, movie or TV show?
I can help.
When I carry out subtitling, I require the right software to make sure the translation is accurate and respects the client’s requirements, such as maximum characters per line and maximum characters per second.I mostly subtitle corporate IT videos and movies/TV shows.


Would you like your app to reach a broader audience?
Are you seeking game localization?
Localizing your app will expand it to a broader audience. It is similar to website localization, in the sense that it is much more than a mere translation, with the added difficulty of keeping all strings closer to the original size so that the UI will remain functional.
Game localization, being an app itself, is similar to app localization. However,when I localize your game I make sure to keep the essence of your game, maintaining, as much as possible, the humor and tone of the game.I will not miss anything out.

Why choose me?

Former IT expert – exceptional IT translations
Expert game localization – winner of LocJAM3
Efficient and reliable translator – a true partner
Certification of Proficiency in English and Certification in Translation

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